1. Washington University Common Reader, “Why Care About 85 When You Are 25?” –May 2016
  2. Adios Barbie, “Popular Publishers Tell Women to Be a Man or Write Like One“–February 2015
  3. Adios Barbie, “‘One Size Fits Most’ Almost None of the Time“–January 2015
  4. Adios Barbie, “7 Microaggressions Disabled Folks Face at the Doctor’s Office—and 6 Ways to Fix Them“–December 2014
  5. Adios Barbie, “Aging Through the Eyes of a 23-Year-Old“–November 2014; (Cross-posted on Everyday Feminism, as “What Young People Can Do About Ageism Against Older People“)
  6. Adios Barbie, “Taking Matters Into Our OwnHands with Sexual Assault Prevention Apps” –October 2014

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